Nick Sheehy

“Inspiration usually comes from things such as: nature, things I remember from my childhood, films and bad architecture.”

Many-eyed minstrel chickens and severed scaly dragon tails are but a few of the recurring motifs in the wonderful works of Nick Sheehy.

Though originally from Tasmania, Sheehy now lives and works in Leigh-on-Sea (UK) with his girlfriend Catherine.

His images, often rendered in black and white pencil cross-hatching, feel like chapter illustrations from an on-going epic saga. There’s a vaguely medieval feel to them: from the feathered costumes his minstrel chickens sport, to the general aura of magic and mysticism. There’s a story going on here, and I feel if I stare hard enough a Sheehy’s pictures, that I might just start to decoded its secrets.

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Quotation and photo from:

The Map by Nick Sheehey
Images © 2010 Nick Sheehy
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